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This download center is provided to make it easy for you to get the FREE online survey software you need. The download takes about a little over an hour with a 56K modem or 10 minutes with a DSL connection.

Download Survey Software

Please read this message from the author


Thank you for trying my free online survey software. Except for a limit of 35 data records, the free version is fully functional. It will handle a survey project from start to finish. Plan to spend a few hours becoming comfortable with the basic features of the package. A tutorial will be placed on your desktop when you install the software.

Go ahead. Have some fun and try it out. Put it through its paces. Design an internet survey and host it on your web site. Create some crosstab and banner tables. Do some automatic open-ended response coding. The free version never expires.

If you're really adventurous, you can download the entire 360 page user's manual.

Download User's Manual   (3 MB - Please be patient)



David Walonick, Ph.D.

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