2PCS Anti Blue Light and Anti Glare Screen Protector Guard Cover for HP OMEN 16-B1008TX 16.1″ 16:9




2PCSNotebook Screen Protector Cover Skin (16.1 inch)

Are you tired of dazzling reflective light in office light environment?
Our anti glare screen protector can change your glossy screen into matte finish.

The screen protector size is 16.1″(16:9) 356mm*200mm, it only covers the visible screen part.

Package Contents: 2 x 16.1″ (16:9) Notebook Screen Protector


*Anti-Glare: Super thin, optically clear, 100% Anti-glare and fingerprint.

*Extreme Testing: When it is low temperature of minus 30’C and high-temperature 80’C, the product never change, even under bad weather.

*ARM material: The fourth-generation ARM liquid crystal material, 100% of the materials imported from Japan, produced through the Japanese all-mechanical processes without dust, high-transparent without any small dots to guarantee the perfect clear screen.

*Ultraviolet ray intercepting: To reduce LCD’s vagueness under strong light, and reduce the UV damage to LCD, so that your screen will be new forever.

*Double-effect optical coating: AG coating (to deal with anti-dizzy) and HD coating (to improve the brightness) to eliminate eye fatigue so as to protect your eyes.

*99% super light transmission: The unique light processing technology to increase the liquid crystal screen’s restoring to the original color, so that the screen is more beautiful and more clear.

*Super-coating hardness of 5H wear: The surface’s hardness through a unique hardness processing up to 5H , and it can be wear-resistant and scratch- resistant, so that your screen is new forever.

*Get rid of radiation and electromagnetic waves: Electromagnetic wave isolation is up to more than 99.7 % to help you reduce the radiation source pollution, so that you can enjoy a comfortable, natural and healthy vision.


1. Clean the screen thoroughly.
2. Expose 1/2 inch of the screen guard, Take care not to touch the adhesive side.
3. Align the exposed section with the edges of DS screen, Make sure the screen guard hasbeen placing straightly.
4. Peel off the mask with the provided sticker after application completed.

See its performance from our photos comparision:

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